Your Safety Comes First

Our environments and processes have changed to increase the safety of all our patients, families and staff.

Before your visit

Use MyHealth to get ready for your appointment.

Use Myhealth
During your visit

Our staff and environments have increased their cleaning protocols.

At the clinic
After your visit

View your visit summary and schedule follow-ups.

Self Schedule
eCheck-in Before your Visit

To prepare for your appointment, you can verify or update information to check in without approaching the front desk:

Demographic details Insurance Copay Fill out or sign required forms View assigned educational content
eArrive at the Clinic

When in the vicinity of the front desk, alert the staff you have arrived at the clinic while maintaining physical distancing

If you have enabled Bluetooth and Location Services for MyHealth, your presence will be automatically detected Alternatively, you can manually mark yourself as having arrived
Increased Clinical Safety

Clinic environments and processes have been modified to increase safety for patients and staff to include:

Screening Employee testing Protective personal equipment Appropriate physical distancing within the environment Enhanced environmental cleaning protocols
After your Appointment

Schedule follow-up appointments without approaching the front desk

After your Appointment Details

Avoid paper handouts by viewing your doctor's notes and test results(once released) in MyHealth